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Best Travel Business Management Software for agents

Travels Manager helps meets the everyday needs of corporate travel departments, travel agencies, independent travel agents, business travel operators, and the leisure travel industry and travel companies. The main aim of the travel agencies is to increase their profits and enhance customer support service. Our travel agency management software significantly helps travel agencies to achieve those objectives. The travel software is an intuitive system with a Web based look and feel, making Travels Manager simple to utilize and speedy for staff to learn. It is an easy, quick and best online car or cab booking engine. With Travels Manager you can get instant purchase of services, auto-general email confirmation and availability check. CRM, accounting and booking tasks of back office Software along with generation of duty slip, invoicing and fleet management system will function in a better way with this software through an essential travel billing system.

With our travel business software you can

  • To Create New Client booking, registered Duty Slip and Create Invoice easily, (When any booking comes from this portal)
  • Travel Agent can maintain his own client record. Means add his existing client once & create his existing client booking, Duty Slip and invoice.
  • Travel Agent can design package such as full day, half day, quarter day, Airport/Railway Pick Drop and outstation.
  • Travel agent can add his vehicle tariff rate.
  • Travel agent can add his company owned vehicle with no plate. And can also add transporter vehicle with vehicle Number Plate.
  • Travel agent can add his company owned vehicle with no plate. And can also add transporter vehicle with vehicle Number Plate.
  • Travel Agent can add his Driver Details. & also add his staff details.
  • Travel agent can give some offer or discounts to new client on this portal. This offer will show on home page.

Being a travel agent, your level of customer support service is what sets you apart from the rest. With Travels Manager, you can offer your clients more while saving yourself time. The travel management software allows you to organize your clients, find the best suppliers, stay on task, and give your customers with the information they require to have a better trip. The user friendly invoicing software for business allows agents to quickly organize your invoices and create reports and duty slips that track your commissions and supplier purchases. Your customers will thank you, and you'll thank yourself.